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Quick Change of Venue

Trying to maintain two separate blogs is just too much for my tiny mind so I have combined them both Please update your links and come and see what’s going on!




Saturday 28th January


Chucking a jacket on over a simple black top and jeans makes for  much more put together look with minimal effort.

Top & Jeans – Asda
Boots – Matalan
Jacket – New Look

Coming back slowly

It’s hard to post pictures of yourself on the Internet when you are feeling fat, miserable and unattractive. I’ve been feeling that way a lot of the time over the past few months for various reasons. I have found a solution to some of those which I have been blogging about at Spiragirl Goes Primal

I’m feeling so much better and will be back to blogging here shortly. I need my fashion fix!

Stock Take

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Dear Reader,

Following yesterday’s mad shop I decided I probably ought to do a bit of a stock take of my wardrobe. Even I am slightly surprised by the scale of my clothes collection. Having gone through everything I have decided that I really need a ban for the next year on buying anything other than underwear and tights. (Swishing doesn’t count!!)

To prove my point I can report that I have:

48 dresses (27 casual 21 work)
24 skirts (9 casual 15 work)
12 pairs of jeans
6 pairs of trousers (all work)
2 pairs of leggings
6 pairs of shorts

3 fleeces
5 cardigans
5 jumpers
8 jackets
3 waistcoats
2 tank tops
16 shirts
12 plain long sleeve tops
15 plain vest tops
7 plain t-shirts
21 tops
1 football shirt

Even I think it is a little excessive!! The ban will include footwear because I can’t see that I will need anything other than a new pair of running trainers. I reckon there is a fair chance I could wear a different outfit every day for the year of no buying…. not sure if it’s a challenge too far though?


Kate (Shopaholic of Swindon)


Bit of a mad shopping spree

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Unexpectedly had a day of no plans so decided to take myself off to Basingstoke for some retail therapy. I love Basingstoke for shopping and seem to have come away with quite a haul….

Night Out Fashion: 11th June 2011

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Night out on the town. Sorry about the really dark pic.

Top & Jeans – Primark
Shoes – New Look

It nearly beat me

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There were times over the last two days when I genuinely thought I had been beaten by an inanimate object. After some consideration over the past few weeks the decision was made to spend some of the children’s saved up birthday money on a trampoline for the garden. I should have suspected that it was a job for more than one woman when I was barely able to carry the box from the car to the house. After fitting 26 springs and nearly killing myself in the process, someone pointed out (much t my public embarrassment) that there was in fact a tool to use for this and  that I had been unnecessarily trying to cripple myself pulling the springs into place by hand. By this stage I was so exhausted and so close to the point of defeat that I couldn’t manage the remainder even with said tool.

This morning battle commenced, I had the advantage of rested muscles and had actually read the instructions thoroughly. Needless to say I was victorious!

And it was worth the pain, the bloodshed and the swearing…. We are loving it!!