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Been a while

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Ok i admit I have been a slack Blogger. So shoot me! Anyway, I have signed up to a new challenge… The swindon 1/2 marathon. I am clearly a mentalist because I am useless at running. Any tips gratefully received! One thing I have already learnrt though is that magic knickers are the answer to the woes of the female runner with a more ample backside! So this is a sight you are likely to see on the streets of swindonia.


The cake….

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After all the late night baking this is the result……Sadly I lost, but it tasted good and I have to admit the winners were out of this world delicious!

It’s a Baking War

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Well today’s post combines two things I love, fashion and baking. Tomorrow we are having a bake off at work and my competitive side has come out in full force. So this evening I have spent baking what can only be described as the best cake ever. I will post pictures of the result tomorrow just in case there are any spies reading this!

So here I am baking away….

Dress – Tesco
Shoes – New Look
Apron – who knows? it’s ancient!

>Normal Posting will resume….

>We have all been struck down with the flu over the last week. Normal posting will resume tomorrow but for a laugh here is my dressember pic for today which was wedding dress day.

>The Urge to Purge!

>I’m planning on having a bit of a clear out of the things I just don’t wear anymore, or that no longer fit. Spring is definitely in the air if I’m getting the urge to purge. I’m hoping to have a swishing party in March to get rid of my unwanted things in an ethical and environmentally sound way. How do you decide what stays and what goes? I am terrible for hanging on to things which might come in handy one day. Also, how often do you do a wardrobe clear out? I tend to do one biannually. At the beginning of Autumn/Winter and again at the beginning of Spring/Summer.

>My Top 10 (ok…9) Freebies

>I was tagged for this meme by Catherine at Baby Genie with a request for the a top 10 fashion freebies. So here goes…..

1. Swishing – basically swishing is clothes swapping parties. Everyone brings along items they no longer want but are still great condition, then after some time to browse/try on everyone is free to take whatever grabs their fancy. No fighting!!! Anything left over goes to charity. Great way to get a boost to your wardrobe, get rid of things you no longer wear and have a fun night with the girls.

2. Remixing – you want new outifts? Look in your own wardrobe and try combining things differently. Put patterns together, mix colours, use more than one accent colours. Use the accessories from one outfit on something completely different. You can totally revamp your wardrobe without spending a penny.

3. I’m with Catherine on the Supermarket magazine’s too, fashion tips inside and a chance to look at the new fashion ranges in store. I love Supermarket clothes but it’s nice to be able to look at home rather than browse with a whinging toddler in the trolley and two boys playing Star Wars in amongst the rails!

4. New Look Most Wanted magazine can be picked up in store. It’s full of inspiration. Love it!

5. Craft – if you have crafty skills you can refashion items to better meet your needs or make things from scratch to add to your wardrobe. I constantly have fabric and wool lying around waiting for me to get an idea for what to do with them. Learning to knit and how to use a sewing machine are the best skills my Mum ever gave me.

6. Blogs – there are loads of fashion blogs like this one around and you can pick up some amazing ideas from them. It’s great to see what others are wearing and immitating looks. Lots of bloggers run competitions too so you could find yourself winning a new fashion freebie whilst getting your inspiration.

7.  Twitter – like blogging it’s great to connect with other people to get free fashion ideas and it’s definitely possible to win freebies that way – check out the Rise dress I won! You can find me on Twitter here

8. Fashion magazine’s online. There are lots of fashion magazine’s with online sites, two of my favourite’s are Look and InStyle

9. If you’ve followed all the routes for free fashion ideas above, you should have saved enough by not having to buy fashion mags to treat yourself! (ok not officially a freebie but I’m strugging here!!)

If you have any more fashion freebie ideas, comment or contact me with them and I can add them to the list!

10. Freecycle. Join your local freecycle group here. All items offered are free to collect and there are quite often clothes and footwear being offered. – Thanks Lizz 

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As inspired by Kasmira of What I Wore Today have hunted down the ballet shoes and had a bit of fun posing in them!