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Frugal Living Tip: Ditch the Disposables

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I was having a chat on Twitter with @Lebowski74 and got onto the topic of cloth nappies which prompted me to write this post. We all know having a baby is a very expensive business, but one way to not only save money but also save the environment is to use cloth nappies. I used cloth on my three and they have certainly moved on a lot since my childhood days of terry squares, pins, boil washing and plastic pants. I did choose to use terry squares because I found them to be incredibly versatile and they are also one of the cheapest options out there, but there are fitted, shaped, all-in-one, two part, coloured, patterned, you name it! Whatever your baby’s shape and size and what ever your lifestyle there is something to suit your family.

I think the one thing that has stuck in my mind is how much cloth nappying parents love nappies – there is nothing as satisfying as seeing a fairy baby bottom and a line full of nappies flapping in the breeze. I have never ever heard anyone say they love their disposables.


Frugal Living Tip: DIY Beauty

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Beauty treatments and keeping on top of personal grooming can cost an absolute fortune. My tip is to teach yourself how to do some of the smaller, easier things at home, for example, eyebrow threading. It costs about £5 every 3-4 weeks so by doing it yourself you could save between £60 and £80 a year, and even better it’s so simple! I will try to get some peace and quiet away from the children to record a how to video, but in the meantime just check out some of the tutorials on youtube.

Frugal Living

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With recent supermarket advertising talking about how they can help a family of four eat for a week for £50 I am amazed that people seem to think it isn’t possible. I have been feeding a family of 4/5 for less than £50 a week for as long as I can remember.

In light of this and recent hard times I thought as part of the blog I could share some of my frugal living tips and recipes.

The 30 minute cycle on your washing machine is your friend. A quick wash at a low temperature is more energy efficient, uses less water and unless your clothes are incredibly dirty is going to be perfectly adequate for cleaning your clothes. The added benefit is that if you are also disorganised like me you can get 4 loads done in an evening this way!

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