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Christmas party


Gun due to the James bond theme!


Dressember day 3



I had the first haircut I’ve had in over a year today. Makes such a difference! Feel much better now. Off out tonight so wearing one of my less often worn dresses.

Everything – New Look

Woo hoo night out :-)

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I think the title days it all. Had a very stressful couple of weeks and a might out with work is exactly what i need!

>23/1/11 – Night out with the girls


Night out with the girls! Be warned I am completely sozzled in the pics!!!
Corset – ebay
skirt – m&S
boots – tesco

>Friday, Saturday & Sunday – The Birthday Weekend


Well, today I am 30! I celebrated on Saturday with a fancy dress party and here are me and my sisters before the serious drinking began.

>Saturday Night 6/2/10


We were all at a school friend’s 30th birthday party yesterday. Was totally fab and I managed to grab some pics while I was at my Mum and Dad’s. I’ve worn this before but still love it.
Dress – ebay
Vest & Cardi – Primark
Tights – asda
Shoes – River Island (charity shop)

>Firday Night 29/1/10


Off out tonight and I need very little excuse to dress up!
Corset – Lesley’s Lingerie (ebay)
Tops & Shorts – Primark
Tights – Asda
Shoes – Matalan