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Quick Change of Venue

Trying to maintain two separate blogs is just too much for my tiny mind so I have combined them both Please update your links and come and see what’s going on!




Saturday 28th January


Chucking a jacket on over a simple black top and jeans makes for  much more put together look with minimal effort.

Top & Jeans – Asda
Boots – Matalan
Jacket – New Look

25th Jan 2012


Rare for me to be in trousers and I think I need to buy these again in the next size down!

Top – swished
Trousers – next
Boots – matalan

24th Jan 2012



Busy day today. Properly suited up to go to a meeting this morning.

Suit – Primark
Shoes – New Look

And for this evening:


Top – New Look
Jeans – Primark
Shoes as above

Coming back slowly

It’s hard to post pictures of yourself on the Internet when you are feeling fat, miserable and unattractive. I’ve been feeling that way a lot of the time over the past few months for various reasons. I have found a solution to some of those which I have been blogging about at Spiragirl Goes Primal

I’m feeling so much better and will be back to blogging here shortly. I need my fashion fix!

Christmas party


Gun due to the James bond theme!

Dressember day 3



I had the first haircut I’ve had in over a year today. Makes such a difference! Feel much better now. Off out tonight so wearing one of my less often worn dresses.

Everything – New Look